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Friday, 23 April 2010

Woo Hoo! Huge sale tonight!

Whoop whoop! I have just sold 11, yes 11, pieces, all to the same 2 people!!! I am sooooooooo happy I just can’t tell you! It was a mother and daughter who I was actually doing a commission for. The daughter is getting married next Sat and I did her jewellery. I met them at a wedding show I did last year. They came over tonight to pick it up, and asked to see all my other work. So I got it all out and they ended up choosing 11 things!!! It all came to £288!!!!! They paid for the things that are listed on Folksy through the Folksy checkout and the rest via Paypal too! Whoooooooooooop whooooooooooop! The sales fairy loved me tonight! I thought they were only coming over for about half an hour, but they arrived at 7 and left and 1.30am!!!! They have also commissioned a few more pieces from me too! Oh my goodness, I really need this! Things have been so bloody awful recently, this has made my day/week/month/year!!! Here's hoping things will carry on in this vain! Much love, C. xxxxx


  1. Woohoo well done you! Heres to things improving for you xx

  2. Woah, well done and congratulations. I hope your sales continue like this your work is beautiful. I love the £125 choker Chara something (Shows how good at names I am) It's beautiful, I know I've said this about 3 times. lol.
    Hopefully the sales fairy will visit me in a month or two when things are all setup and maybe the fairy will slip me a few paypal transactions under my pillow XD

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  4. wow that's brilliant! Congratulations!! I m happy for you too!
    i guess as a maker, the money is NOT the key, it is someone who appreciates our work counts!!!! Anyhow, Well done!!!