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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Voices 5 Concert

Well, tonight we had our show, the Voices 5 concert, and it all went swimmingly! Everybody absolutely rocked their performance, and for the first time since I can remember, I wasn't actually nervous! Nope, the stage fright that usually cripples me before a performance didn't make an appearance for once! I think it was because I have been singing this song (Maybe This Time from Cabaret) since I started having my singing lessons, so I knew that I wouldn't forget the words and also it sits in just the right place for my voice. I just loved performing it and it seemed to go by in a flash!
The duet I did with Jane, (Class from Chicago) was very well received, we got quite a few laughs, especially on my line: got his brains in his crotch' when I singled out an audience member and looked him up and then down to his crotch!!! The crowd loved it!
I'm very sad that we only got to do it this one night, it would be lovely to do it for a few nights... maybe next time...
Hopefully though, Jane and I are going to be doing a few gigs together soon. We haven't started rehearsals for this yet, or even come up with a set list, but soon we will and then there will be no stopping us!
Unfortunately, I am too late to enter the X-Factor this year!!! Simon, my singing teacher goes on and on at me every year to enter, and each year I resist, but now I think I might actually go for it! Next year maybe! Watch this space!
Until then, Simon wants me to find some musicians to set up a band with, so, that's my next mission! Anyone know of any???
Anyway, that's me for today! Back to the jewellery for the next post! Goodnight to all my 'fans'!!!! (Kidding!) C. xxx

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