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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Folksy Foolers 14th day listings

The Beady Pool The Beady Pool
Aingeal Designs Gimme That Thing
Box of Delights Laura Hickman

Hello again Folks! Once again, there are some fabulous offerings from the Folksy Foolers, these guys have been VERY busy! 
First up, is an absolutely mind-blowing Lampwork bracelet from The Beady Pool... like me, she seems to have an obsession with Lampwork! This bracelet shows off the beads she has sourced to their utmost potential!
And, I know it's a tad naughty, but as The Beady Pool did 2 listings of Lampwork today, and as I ADORE Lampwork, I have decided to feature them both! Once again, a fabulous example of showcasing some of the UK's top Lampwork artisans work within her own. They must be VERY pleased with how you use their beads, Beady! 
3rd on the list today is this gorgeous caged Emerald pendant from Aingeal Designs... just check out the deep hues of green in these beads, and set off so well by her use of silver! Nice work!
Number 4 is a rather wonderful wire wrapped Bling Ring from Gimme That Thing... I just love the 'messy' look of the wire set off against the clean lines of the huge bead, fabulous! 
Next up for number 5, we have a stunning sparkly card from Box of Delights... such deep blues shine out from the card, and to top it off, she will write any greeting you wish on either the front or inside!
Number 6... well, how to describe this?! It's rare to find such talent, but I have and her name is Laura Hickman... It took me quite a while to decide which print to show you, as they are all truly amazing. She only has 3 in her shop right now, but I urge you to check them out, you'll be very pleased you did! Hopefully, she'll be adding more VERY soon! As soon as I have any money, I want to buy all 3!!! 

So, there we go Folks! Hope you enjoyed today's designer picks... aren't they amazing?! Will be back tomorrow with another top 6! C. xxx


  1. Thank you so much for including my big blue bling ring!


  2. Just catching up with my blog reading - thank you for the feature. I am really enjoying this listing club and there are some great items x