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Thursday, 8 April 2010


Well Folks,

had a bit of a shock the other day... we are moving... in a week! Bloody hell! So my life at the mo is a blur of packing up all my belongings, photographing lots of jewellery to list on Folksy, and working on the computer! We think we have found a place to live... a gorgeous little cottage in the middle of nowhere on a country estate. It's very small, but that's what we need right now. It's surrounded be acres and acres of fields and woodland, with horses and chickens and all sorts of wildlife, with a lovely river running just down the track. Idyllic really. We only have a couple of neighbours, which for us is great, we have never lived close to lots of people, so really, what we thought was going to be a horrendous situation, is hopefully not going to be quite as bad as we thought! Fingers crossed. Will keep you all updated as things develop. C. xxx

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