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Friday, 23 April 2010

Woo Hoo! Huge sale tonight!

Whoop whoop! I have just sold 11, yes 11, pieces, all to the same 2 people!!! I am sooooooooo happy I just can’t tell you! It was a mother and daughter who I was actually doing a commission for. The daughter is getting married next Sat and I did her jewellery. I met them at a wedding show I did last year. They came over tonight to pick it up, and asked to see all my other work. So I got it all out and they ended up choosing 11 things!!! It all came to £288!!!!! They paid for the things that are listed on Folksy through the Folksy checkout and the rest via Paypal too! Whoooooooooooop whooooooooooop! The sales fairy loved me tonight! I thought they were only coming over for about half an hour, but they arrived at 7 and left and 1.30am!!!! They have also commissioned a few more pieces from me too! Oh my goodness, I really need this! Things have been so bloody awful recently, this has made my day/week/month/year!!! Here's hoping things will carry on in this vain! Much love, C. xxxxx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Folksy Foolers 18th day listings

GlitterRT The Pink Fairy Cake
Dizzy Izzy Pip Designs
Eidelweiss Accidental Vix

Well, what an eclectic mix we have today!
First up is from me at GlitterRT... a set of Swarovski Crystal Heart hairpins. These have become really popular recently, mostly for brides of course! They come in all the colours under the sun too!
Number 2 today is THE most adorable little babygrow! I just love it! And, I will definately be dropping in to The Pink Fairy Cake very soon to buy it! If only I had my own baby to put in it, rather than giving it as a gift! Talk about broody!
3rd up, is this cute little 'grown up' bag for kids from Dizzy Izzy... Apparently, it was inspired by Izzy's little girl wanting a bag like Mummy's! Soooo cute! 
4th on the picks list today, is this lovely beach/shopper bag from Pip Designs... I really love the design, but then I would right?!! Dancing ballerina's, very me!!! Go check it out! 
Now, number 5, I absolutely love!! And I want one! It's a cat toy, from Eidelweiss... in the shape of a strawberry on a string, filled with catnip! My girls would go nuts over it! 
Freddie is making an appearance in the number 6 slot! Cheeky boy that he is, face smothered in chocolate, he comes from the imagination of Accidental Vix... you can find more of Freddie and his adventures in her shop!

So, that concludes todays treasury! If you like what you see, please check out the rest of their shops, either by clicking on the picture, which will take you to the actual item's page, or just click on their name, and that will take you to the whole shop! Thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow! C. xxx

Post Pals

Post Pals... I think this has to be one of, if not the most amazing charities I have ever seen. As you will see at the top on the right of this blog, there is a link to their site, please click on it and go on over to read more in depth about what they do.
Post Pals is a charity that has been set up to help children who have an illness of some description or other, in the most simple of ways... each child has their own page with information on many different aspects of their lives... their interests, their age, sex, name, siblings plus siblings interests... and then it has the information on the child's illness. It starts with their initial story, of how and when they first became ill, and then there are posts from either the child themselves, if they are old enough, or from the child's parents, and this for the most part is an update on how they are doing, and what they have been up to that month.
You then can pick a 'Pal' to which you can either write to, in letter or postcard, or email form, or you can even send them a gift, if you so wish.
This is a fabulous thing to do, when the children hear the postman arrive, either at their homes, or at the hospital, their little faces light up! It's one of their favourite times of the day!
When a child becomes ill, most will find that after the initial days or weeks, sometimes even months, friends seem to drift away, and life can become very lonely. So, of course, Post Pals has helped fill that loneliness, and many of the children now have lots of friends, all over the world!
The charity is run purely on the kindness and generosity of the public, and of course is always needing more friends, or 'Pals'!
So, if you feel like you can invest a little time to write to or even send a small gift to one or more Pals, please do click on the link at the top of the page. There are rules and regs on what you can send, so please go to the FAQ's page, and this will give you all the info you need.
They also do what they call 'Extra Smiles'... this is where people donate experiences for some of the children to go on, or do. So, if you feel that you are able to donate something, maybe you work somewhere, or know someone who would be able to arrange something a child would love, then please let them know. Once again, there is a link on their page with more information on this.
I have only covered the very basic aspects of this wonderful charity, there is so much more to it, and only by going to their site can you really find a better explanation.
So, please do. I can not stress enough how wonderful they are and what they do is. As the link at the top of my blog says, make a child smile. Please.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Folksy Foolers 17th day listings

GlitterRT Red Bird Jewellery
Fairly Girly Magpie Moments
JCU Designs Chiyo

Hello again Folks! Well, back to normal with the Folksy Foolers today! Although, there is still a theme, jewellery! I decided that I would include my own earrings in the treasury this time! I haven't done that before, and also, I listed them so late last night, that no one got the chance to see them! So, number 1 today is from GlitterRT!
In the 2nd spot today is some stunning earrings from Red Bird Jewellery. The stones are the softest, palest pink Rose Quartz, wrapped in Sterling Silver... Gorgeous!
Next up, number 3 is a gorgeous Raspberry Ripple bracelet from Fairly Girly... just look at the lovely pretty colours in that! Yummy!
4th in todays top picks is a beautiful 'Web of Love' necklace from Magpie Moments... fab name! And such a lovely intricate design too! 
My 5th pick is a very funky, chunky and bright bracelet from JCU Designs... I just love all the different textures in all the beads! And black and pink is a cool combo!
And last but so not least is another cool bracelet from Chiyo... wow, those colours just POP! Shrinking Violets need not apply!

So there we go... another day, another fabulous lot of designers! Be sure to click on either the photos, which will take you to the actual items page, or their names, which will take you to the designers shops. See you again tomorrow for some more exciting creations! C. xxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

Folksy Friday - Somewhere over the Rainbow

Welcome to my first ever Folksy Friday! I thought I'd have a rainbow theme as I just adore anything to do with rainbows, and I think that all the items below are absolutely fabulous!
Quernus Crafts Hot off the Hook
Sue Sewn and Hels Strawberry Anarchy
Simple Art by Ally Lilley'sTop Floor Treasures AmyOrangeJuice

In the 1st photo is the cutest polymer clay cats by Quernus Crafts.
Numer 2 is a gorgeous bracelet from Hot off the Hook.
3rd up is this wonderfully colourful log cabin quilt by Sue Sewn and Hels.
For number 4 I have chosen this funky rainbow stars bracelet from Strawberry Anarchy.
5th on my list is a stunning set of canvas blocks from Simple Art by Ally.
Number 6 is a pack of 20 rainbow heart buttons by Lilley's.
Now I know usually there's only 6 in a Folksy Friday, but I really couldn't resist these next 2, so I just had to include them!
So, for the 7th photo, I chose this beautiful cushion from Top Floor Treasures.
And last but certainly not least, is this striking stained glass bunting from AmyOrangeJuice.

So, I am very proud of my first folksy Friday, even if it is a little late! All these guys are so talented and totally deserve to be showcased. Please take a little time out and pay them all a visit, and maybe buy something?!!! And don't just look at the one item, go through to their shops too! Also, if you see something that you think a friend would like, email them the link to the item... thank you! Either click on the photo or their name.
Hope you've enjoyed reading this, I definately enjoyed creating it! See you soon for my next treasury, to be on the April Listing club and the Folksy Foolers! C. xxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Folksy Foolers 15th day listings

Card Making Princess Pants & Paper
Fairly Girly Pip Designs
JCU Designs The Pink Fairy Cake

Well hello again Folks! And welcome to the 15th day of the Folksy Foolers April Listing club! Once again, we have some fabulous pieces up in the top six, a really eclectic bunch too!
First up, is Card Making Princess with a very funky Civil Partnership card. Rather unique, don't you think?!! Good thinking Babe!
In the second slot today, is this really really cute purse from Pants & Paper... what a wonderful gift this would make for the girl who has everything! 
Ah Lampwork again! You may be starting to notice a theme with me by now! As, for number 3 are these very cool, nautical Lampwork earrings from Fairly Girly. Don't know about you, but I want these babies for myself! Don't think I would be able to part with them!
For my forth choice,  we have this gorgeous cushion with a pretty daisy in shimmering gold, from Pip Designs. I really love the simplicity of the single flower, it makes a big impact, much more so than if there were a few. I'll be back for one or two of those one day soon!
Number five is a really pretty necklace from JCU Designs. The colours are perfect for a wedding... just imagine all your bridesmaids in these... just lovely! And I love the fact that because of the way she has designed it, it can be worn at whatever length the wearer wishes.
And last but definately not least is the cutest vintage linen bear from The Pink Fairy Cake... he really is sooooo gorgeous and he needs a home asap! Check out her shop for more cutesy things!
So Lovely people, that's it for today, hope you enjoyed it all! Of course I'll be back again later for the next Foolers Treasury! C. xxx


So, we actually had a nice evening tonight! I think it was because we had a couple of friends for dinner, and that helped us not to dwell on all that's going on. The 2 guys, Paul and Rodger have been here all day helping us pack up and move some of our stuff into storage. What lovely guys!
 We may have found somewhere to live! Seeing as the last place we liked fell through, this place looks wonderful... the one drawback is that it would be living in a house with another family... kind of a strange set up, but, the family in question seem ever so lovely, really friendly people! And the house is enormous! I'm not too sure that Mum would be too comfortable with the set up though. I guess I'll just have to wait and see! Watch this space! C. xxx

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My 14th day listing...


So, this is my offering for the 14th day. A hair vine...! This is most often used by brides or bridesmaids. It is either weaved or pinned into the hair, in any place you choose. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and are also rather delicate, therefore it is best to ask your hairdresser to do the honors! They will know what to do with them!
I can make these in any shape, size or colour you wish, nothing is too small or even too large! Hope you like it! C. xxx

Folksy Foolers 14th day listings

The Beady Pool The Beady Pool
Aingeal Designs Gimme That Thing
Box of Delights Laura Hickman

Hello again Folks! Once again, there are some fabulous offerings from the Folksy Foolers, these guys have been VERY busy! 
First up, is an absolutely mind-blowing Lampwork bracelet from The Beady Pool... like me, she seems to have an obsession with Lampwork! This bracelet shows off the beads she has sourced to their utmost potential!
And, I know it's a tad naughty, but as The Beady Pool did 2 listings of Lampwork today, and as I ADORE Lampwork, I have decided to feature them both! Once again, a fabulous example of showcasing some of the UK's top Lampwork artisans work within her own. They must be VERY pleased with how you use their beads, Beady! 
3rd on the list today is this gorgeous caged Emerald pendant from Aingeal Designs... just check out the deep hues of green in these beads, and set off so well by her use of silver! Nice work!
Number 4 is a rather wonderful wire wrapped Bling Ring from Gimme That Thing... I just love the 'messy' look of the wire set off against the clean lines of the huge bead, fabulous! 
Next up for number 5, we have a stunning sparkly card from Box of Delights... such deep blues shine out from the card, and to top it off, she will write any greeting you wish on either the front or inside!
Number 6... well, how to describe this?! It's rare to find such talent, but I have and her name is Laura Hickman... It took me quite a while to decide which print to show you, as they are all truly amazing. She only has 3 in her shop right now, but I urge you to check them out, you'll be very pleased you did! Hopefully, she'll be adding more VERY soon! As soon as I have any money, I want to buy all 3!!! 

So, there we go Folks! Hope you enjoyed today's designer picks... aren't they amazing?! Will be back tomorrow with another top 6! C. xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My Folksy Foolers listing!

So, here is my own listing for today's Folksy Foolers listing... a cute little Swarovski Crystal Butterfly bracelet, in Fuchsia and White Opal:
Just click on the picture and it will take you to the Folksy shop page! There'll be more tomorrow! C. xxx

13th day for the Folksy Foolers!

Well, so far, the Folksy Foolers are up to day 13 of our listing challenge, pretty good huh?! There have been a number of sales now for a few members, which just goes to prove that this was a fantastic idea! I believe that everyone's viewing figures are up, including mine, although I still have not had a sale from my involvement as yet... :-( Hopefully, it is just a matter of time! Anyway, here are todays top picks, just click on either the photo or the highlighted name to take you to the individual's store:

The Pink Fairy Cake Ali Bali Jewellery
Dizzy Izzy The Sequinned Sheep
Fairly Girly Made With Love X
Once again, we have some fabulous pieces of work up for sale today from the Folksy Foolers! There is just no end to the talent of these guys and gals!
On the top left we have a gorgeous Pink Ruffle Scarf from the Pink Fairy Cake... who could resist this beautifully outlandish garment?!
On the top right, we have some absolutely stunning Fine Silver and Copper Earrings from Ali Bali Jewellery... just look at the fine leaf detail on the silver, sooo clever!
Middle left is 'a lovely pear' brooch from Dizzy Izzy! How very cheeky young lady! And how very cute!
On the middle right, is the most beautiful coloured custom made silk bible/book cover, from The Sequinned Sheep. She will make it to your requirements, just contact her for more details! 
Ah Lampwork! My current obsession! At least, what I would like to be my current obsession, when I get some money! On the bottom left you will see an absolutely fabulous pair of Lampwork earrings from Fairly Girly. Look at the gorgeous wave pattern! I want them!
And finally, on the bottom right, we have the coolest skull and crossbones cushion from Made With Love! She will personalize it with whatever name you choose! Very cool!

So, there you have it! Today's offerings from the Folksy Foolers. Pretty damn amazing as usual! See you tomorrow with some new listings from these fabulous Folk! C. xxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

April Foolers- 12th day Listings

The Whimsical Wren NOfkantsCurios
Card Making Princess Accidental Vix
Red Bird Jewellery Gimme That Thing

So, today we have this gorgeous Angel Wing Lariat from the Whimsical Wren... I just adore Angel wings, and these look fab!
Next we have this lovely and cute little Rose Quartz Bunny form NOfkants Curios... her 2nd listing of the day! You go girl! 
Number 3 is a very cheeky little card from the talented Card Making Princess... any anniversaries coming up ladies?!
Another card, this time from the equally talented Accidental Vix... just one in a whole series along this theme. They are so unique and wonderful!
And, a repeat from me of a designer who I really admire, her work is fabulous! Red Bird Jewellery, another pair of fabulous earrings! 
And last, but most definately not least, a pair of wonderfully comical earrings, bound to get the conversation going, from Gimme That Thing.

These are all really lovely and talented people, all of whom are more than deserving of a place on here! Be sure to check out the rest of their shops, not just the item featured on todays post! C. xxx 

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Voices 5 Concert

Well, tonight we had our show, the Voices 5 concert, and it all went swimmingly! Everybody absolutely rocked their performance, and for the first time since I can remember, I wasn't actually nervous! Nope, the stage fright that usually cripples me before a performance didn't make an appearance for once! I think it was because I have been singing this song (Maybe This Time from Cabaret) since I started having my singing lessons, so I knew that I wouldn't forget the words and also it sits in just the right place for my voice. I just loved performing it and it seemed to go by in a flash!
The duet I did with Jane, (Class from Chicago) was very well received, we got quite a few laughs, especially on my line: got his brains in his crotch' when I singled out an audience member and looked him up and then down to his crotch!!! The crowd loved it!
I'm very sad that we only got to do it this one night, it would be lovely to do it for a few nights... maybe next time...
Hopefully though, Jane and I are going to be doing a few gigs together soon. We haven't started rehearsals for this yet, or even come up with a set list, but soon we will and then there will be no stopping us!
Unfortunately, I am too late to enter the X-Factor this year!!! Simon, my singing teacher goes on and on at me every year to enter, and each year I resist, but now I think I might actually go for it! Next year maybe! Watch this space!
Until then, Simon wants me to find some musicians to set up a band with, so, that's my next mission! Anyone know of any???
Anyway, that's me for today! Back to the jewellery for the next post! Goodnight to all my 'fans'!!!! (Kidding!) C. xxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My favorite earrings!

I just listed these earrings today as the 9th listing for the April Foolers listing club. I adore them so much, even if I do say so myself!!! I have been wearing a pair everyday since I made them, and I have had soooo many comments on them, even from a lady who owns a boutique in Salisbury... she is very interested in buying some of my work fro her shop, which is of course fantastic news! And all because of these earrings! Will keep you updated on how that all goes!
I have also been chatting to another lady in Salisbury who owns a boutique and is very interested in taking my jewellery... so things are looking very promising for GlitterRT! I have given a whole load of my work to my local beauty salon, who are going to display it and sell it for me free of any charge or commission... how lovely is that! They really are the loveliest girls, so fingers crossed that that will move really quickly. At first thought, a beauty salon is a rather odd place to showcase jewellery, but if you think about it, it's perfect! Women are going in all the time and they have already got their purses out to pay for something, so why not throw in a bit of jewellery too! Anyway, am off to bed now, it is 5.46am here and even though I am not even vaguely tired, I really need to try and get some sleep! Will post again later! C. xxx

April Foolers- Folksy Listing Club

Well, over on Folksy, we have set up a club named the April Foolers, amongst many! This is a whole load of us who are listing an item a day... not an easy task, believe me! But, so far, we are on day 8 and this is just a few of the wonderful items that have been listed today! Check 'em all out, today's theme for my blog is jewellery, just click on the text to go to the individual pages on Folksy...

Here is mine, a Twisted Wire pendant in Sterling Silver Plate on a Sterling Silver chain:

Large image

Large image

Large image

Check them all out, they are all wonderful artisans and gorgeous people too! C. xxx