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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Folksy Foolers 18th day listings

GlitterRT The Pink Fairy Cake
Dizzy Izzy Pip Designs
Eidelweiss Accidental Vix

Well, what an eclectic mix we have today!
First up is from me at GlitterRT... a set of Swarovski Crystal Heart hairpins. These have become really popular recently, mostly for brides of course! They come in all the colours under the sun too!
Number 2 today is THE most adorable little babygrow! I just love it! And, I will definately be dropping in to The Pink Fairy Cake very soon to buy it! If only I had my own baby to put in it, rather than giving it as a gift! Talk about broody!
3rd up, is this cute little 'grown up' bag for kids from Dizzy Izzy... Apparently, it was inspired by Izzy's little girl wanting a bag like Mummy's! Soooo cute! 
4th on the picks list today, is this lovely beach/shopper bag from Pip Designs... I really love the design, but then I would right?!! Dancing ballerina's, very me!!! Go check it out! 
Now, number 5, I absolutely love!! And I want one! It's a cat toy, from Eidelweiss... in the shape of a strawberry on a string, filled with catnip! My girls would go nuts over it! 
Freddie is making an appearance in the number 6 slot! Cheeky boy that he is, face smothered in chocolate, he comes from the imagination of Accidental Vix... you can find more of Freddie and his adventures in her shop!

So, that concludes todays treasury! If you like what you see, please check out the rest of their shops, either by clicking on the picture, which will take you to the actual item's page, or just click on their name, and that will take you to the whole shop! Thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow! C. xxx


  1. A lovely selection, I think that Freddie looks like a bit of a rascal to me. Love it!
    Cate x

  2. Oooooohhhh .....I lurve that bag!

  3. The shopper is really ace, very different.

  4. You lot wear me out!! Bravo on an item a day, they're all fab...Di x

  5. Yay! Thanks for including my bag :o)

  6. wow what a mixture! Folksy is a lovely diverse place hey? x