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Thursday, 8 April 2010

My favorite earrings!

I just listed these earrings today as the 9th listing for the April Foolers listing club. I adore them so much, even if I do say so myself!!! I have been wearing a pair everyday since I made them, and I have had soooo many comments on them, even from a lady who owns a boutique in Salisbury... she is very interested in buying some of my work fro her shop, which is of course fantastic news! And all because of these earrings! Will keep you updated on how that all goes!
I have also been chatting to another lady in Salisbury who owns a boutique and is very interested in taking my jewellery... so things are looking very promising for GlitterRT! I have given a whole load of my work to my local beauty salon, who are going to display it and sell it for me free of any charge or commission... how lovely is that! They really are the loveliest girls, so fingers crossed that that will move really quickly. At first thought, a beauty salon is a rather odd place to showcase jewellery, but if you think about it, it's perfect! Women are going in all the time and they have already got their purses out to pay for something, so why not throw in a bit of jewellery too! Anyway, am off to bed now, it is 5.46am here and even though I am not even vaguely tired, I really need to try and get some sleep! Will post again later! C. xxx

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  1. Fantastic idea C, anywhere girls are already thinking of beautifying themselves is a good spot to tempt them with further adornment!