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Friday, 4 March 2011

Folksy Friday - Mad March Hares!

Hello Folks! Welcome to this weeks Folksy Friday, which is based on the Daily Listing club, the Mad March Hares. Which is a very appropriate name for us crazy lot!
We have a few newbies to the club this month, which is lovely, so I will be including some of them, to get them some PR! Anyway, as usual, I don't have a theme, just some really fabulous work from some incredibly talented people!

Hannelore's Atelier Lilac Elephant
Dach Crafts Artmagic
Avrilpam Wellydog Gallery

Lemonade and Lamingtons Milliebead Art
Michael Clement NOfkantsCurios
JAusten Jewellery Design Red Brick Glass

So there we go folks! All you have to do is click on the photos and that will take you through to the respective shops. Please do so, these folk all work so very hard to create incredibly beautiful work of the highest quality, all for you! You certainly will not find anything of the same ilk on the High Street, that's for sure!
Anyway, I will be back again soon and next time, it will be a feature on ONE of the Hares exclusively. So, come visit me soon! Thank you, C. xxxxx